Sports Therapy

"What is sports therapy?" "Are you a physio?" "So you just do massage?" "What's the difference between sports therapy & physiotherapy?" 

A sports therapist is a health professional who must be apart of a professional body to work - In my case........

Sports therapist have the ability, knowledge and skills to assess and treat sporting injuries and other medical conditions. As well as, provide advice on injury prevention and rehabilitation, using a range of techniques and modalities.  

'The difference' - Sports therapist have sporting based backgrounds and have more specific knowledge of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. And sports therapists usually work privately.

Whereas a physiotherapist, have medicine based backgrounds and have a broader knowledge of diseases, neurological and respiratory issues. And usually, work for the NHS or privately 


How can we help you?

Sports Therapy

  • You do not need to be taking part in any form of physical activity to receive sports therapy treatment.

    • If you suffer from lower back pain due to bad posture you may benefit from some manual therapy. 

    • If you have been suffering from a work-related injury. We can create rehabilitation programs and provide you with a variety of strategies to help with injury prevention. ​​

  • Athletes/ Physically active​

    • Sporing injuries - We can provide you with injury prevention exercises, rehabilitation programs and manual therapy ​

    • Muscular imbalances - We can create strength & mobility programs.

    • Old injuries - We can create rehabilitation & prevention programs. 

  • As a sports therapist, I keep up to date with the latest research, to ensure I provide my clients with the most effective form of treatment. ​

Personal Training

  • Do you struggle with losing weight and 'keeping it off'? - We can help you with that (It doesn't have to be complicated!!)

  • Have you tried all of the diets under the sun (slimming world, keto, carb free, vegan, weight watchers)? You don't need some 'magic' diet to reach your goals. 

  • Are you new to working out or want to get fit and healthy? Get in contact and we can book you in for a  1-2-1, couple or group PT session.

  • Are you pregnant or recently had your little one and would like to keep fit and healthy? I'm here to help. 

  • The aim of my personal training sessions are to work towards your personal goals and provide you with the tools to get the best results. 



Efficient Therapy & Personal Training is located at Simply Gym in Cardiff Bay; however, home visits are available upon request; please include this in your enquiry.

Simply Gym, Cardiff Bay


Gym Based personal training

1-2-1, couple and group classes available for MEMBERS of Simply Gym, Cardiff Bay
All sports therapy services available also

15 mile radius of Pontypridd

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Mobile appointments

A mobile appointment is when I come to you. Your session can take place from the comfort of your own home (or a local park or field for PT sessions). Please specify if you require a home appointment.



What They’re Saying

Jess is so supportive and is making my weightless journey so enjoyable!! I look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the coming weeks.

Jess provides an excellent alternative for gym goers to workout in new fun, and enjoyable ways. Her bootcamp classes are upbeat using a variety of exercises so no two are the same, with excellent support and motivating leadership.

I would definitely recommend Efficient Therapy for any of your healthy and fitness needs. Jess was very good at adapting the PT sessions to my fitness abilities, which allowed me to reach my goals.

I'm doing my exercises everyday, the ice massage is really helping. It's given me a lot of relief, thank you Jess. Highly recommend.